The New Clinical Trial Paradigm

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Real Time Adaptive Patient Journey

Interactive platform providing professional, emotional and procedural support to patients along their trial journey.

Providing insights and patient behavior predictions to medical staff and pharma for timely interventions and better trial performance.

Driving Patient Experience


Personalized App, direct communication between staff and patient


Private community for participants, powered by “motivators”, providing unprecedented support


Robust dashboard tracking behavioral analytics, adherence, predictions and alerts for timely intervention (automated and human)

Value Proposition

Pharma & CROs


Time To Revenue

Improved Perfomance

Better Adherence

Less Dropouts

Improved Data Quality

Real World Insights


Well Informed

Less Anxiety

Medical Support

Access & Attention

You Are Not Alone

Emotional Support



Medical Center




Task Prioritization

Remote Assessment

Monitor & Control

About Us

Habitu is the first solution providing a private and self-adapting platform specifically targeting clinical trials and patient support programs in community-based healthcare. Habitu’s platform enables continuous emotional, professional and procedural support to patients which automatically adapts to patient's personal needs and daily constraints.

Moreover, its proprietary AI engine provides unprecedented behavioral predictions, driving real-time alerts and automatic timely interventions. Thus, creating a superior personalized trial experience for patients, from awareness to advocacy, and better performance for medical centers and pharmaceutical/BioTech companies.

Yaniv Zilberman
CEO & Co-Founder
Yoav Grinstein
CPO & Co-Founder
Chaim Singal
Chief Data Scientist
Evgeniy Berkovich
Yair Almagor
Chief Business Officer

Product Overview


Personalized Experience
Process support
  • Planned Activities
  • Schedule & Reminders
  • Information & Guidance
Adherence support
  • Medication Approval
  • Medication Tracker
Emotional support
  • myProgress
  • myCommunity
  • myBlog
  • Mood Tracker
Medical support
  • Group & Chat & Video

Medical Center, Pharma & Cros

interactions & Insights
  • Direct Interaction & Intervention
  • Real World Insights
  • Alerts - per patient/visit/ procedure/site
  • Surveys & Self-Reporting
  • Text / Video / Audio Communication
  • Site Trends & Performance Analysis
  • Behavior Trends per Event
  • Adherence Map
  • Dropouts/Non-Adherence Predictions

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